• 2016 GSVC Investor Day

    GSVC 2015 Investor Day

    Insightful presentations + panels featuring a dozen GSVC portfolio company CEOs.

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  • Michael Moe's Presentation at 2016 GSVC Investor Day

    GSV Capital CEO, Chairman + CIO Michael Moe presents at GSVC's 3rd Annual Investor Day.

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  • 1st Quarter 2016 Results

    CEO Michael Moe shares highlights from GSVC's Q1 performance.

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  • 4th Quarter 2015 Results

    CEO Michael Moe shares highlights from GSVC's Q4 performance.

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  • 3rd Quarter 2015 Results

    CEO Michael Moe shares highlights from GSVC's Q3 performance.

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  • 2nd Quarter 2015 Results

    GSVC 2015 Q2 Results Recap

    CEO Michael Moe shares highlights from GSVC's Q2 performance.

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  • 2016 ASU GSV Summit Opening Keynote

    Michael Moe's opening keynote at the 7th Annual ASU GSV Summit in San Diego.

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  • EdTech + The "American" Dream

    GSV 'American' Dream Video

    NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott + other luminaries share their perspectives.

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  • Alibaba: "What Is The Growth Outlook?"

    CNCTV Alibaba Interview

    GSV founder Michael Moe discusses the Alibaba IPO.

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  • Celebrating Innovators

    Pioneers + Mavericks

    An interactive showcase of the world's boldest, most innovative thinkers + doers.

    Explore Pioneers + Mavericks
  • A Look Back: 2013 Themes

    GSV Overview Video

    CEO Michael Moe explains GSV's key investment themes.

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  • We Literally Wrote the Book

    Finding the Next Starbucks

    Michael Moe talks about his business best-seller, Finding the Next Starbucks.

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GSV Capital's 2016 Investor Letter - Read Now

Top 10 Positions


Recent Investments*

*This highlights some, but not all, recent investment activity. Please visit Investor Relations
for additional information about recent transactions.

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Q2 2016 Results

CEO Michael Moe discusses GSVC’s recent performance + notable developments.

2016 INVESTOR DAY - June 1st at GSVlabs in Silicon Valley - Watch

Our Story: Global Silicon Valley

Our name—like our passion for innovative, dynamic companies—is inspired by the place that has transformed entrepreneurism.

Much like Silicon Valley has redefined the world of business, GSV aims to redefine growth investing.

Let GSV co-founder and CEO Michael Moe—one of Businessweek's "top stock pickers"—tell you more.

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