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GSV Capital is the first publicly traded security giving growth equity investors access to the world's most dynamic, VC-backed private companies.

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Mark Flynn


About Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn was named President of GSV Capital in May 2014. He is also Co-Managing Partner of GSV Asset Management and has served as a member of the GSV Capital Board of Directors since 2011.

Previously, Mark managed Trilogy Capital Partners, a Menlo Park California based private investment and consulting firm, since its formation in 1997. Prior to forming Trilogy, he worked in various capacities in the investment banking groups at Salomon Brothers and Volpe, Brown & Whelan. During his investment-banking career he primarily worked with technology and health care companies. At Salomon Brothers, he managed the Global Software and Internet investment banking activities and worked with leading companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Veritas Software, Hewlett-Packard and US Robotics. He has also worked with education companies such as Plato Learning, MEEC, Mastering Computers and KnowledgeNet. Mark has also worked for Arthur Young and Company in the High Technology practice.

Mark has served as a regent at St. John’s University, as chairman of The Preserve Company, as a member of the board of directors of the DAPER Fund at Stanford University as well as a number of privately held companies.

Mark's academic credentials include an MBA from Harvard University.
  • Served as a regent at St. John's University
  • Previously chairman of The Preserve Company
  • Previously a Board Member — the DAPER Fund at Stanford University
  • Graduate of St. John's University
  • MBA from Harvard University
GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley
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