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GSV Capital is the first publicly traded security giving growth equity investors access to the world's most dynamic, VC-backed private companies.

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Luben Pampoulov

Investment Professional


Index Ventures, Stripe back bookkeeping service Pilot with $40M tcrn.ch/2Pl63yn via @techcrunch

About Luben Pampoulov

Luben Pampoulov is an investment professional at GSV Capital, as well as co-founder and partner of GSV Asset Management. Prior to starting GSV, Luben worked several years with Michael Moe at ThinkEquity Partners, an asset management and investment banking firm focusing on venture capital and emerging growth companies.

Based on his multinational background from Europe and the U.S., Luben offers unique perspective on some of the world’s most promising emerging economies. His professional credentials are complemented by his experience as a world-class tennis player—competing on the ATP Tour, being national champion in Austria and Bulgaria, and leading UCLA as its Captain and #1 player to win the NCAA Championship in 2005.

Together with Michael Moe, Luben shares investment ideas and research on innovation, emerging trends, private companies, and the growth economy in GSV’s newsletter, A2Apple.

Luben and Michael Moe co-founded GSV after their years together at ThinkEquity Partners, where they managed money and delivered compelling investment results. Prior to his roles as analyst and co-portfolio manager at ThinkEquity, he earned his BA in International Economics and Management from UCLA.
  • BA in International Economics and Management from the University of California at Los Angeles
  • National tennis champion, Austria + Bulgaria
  • NCAA tennis champion
  • FINRA Series 7 license
GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley
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