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$1.6 million FMV|0.7% of GSVC



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$35.3 million


GSV Capital along with Axel Springer, Dan Rosensweig, Laurene Powell Jobs and others.

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Ozymandias (Ozy) is a next generation media business focused on the Change Generation—a subset of 20-, 30- and 40-somethings that are driving the unexpected and the unconventional to great heights. This group is interested not just in the happenings of here and now, but in the trends and stars of tomorrow and the days after. Led by Carlos Watson, former MSNBC contributor, Ozy has assembled a management team that is capable of ushering in the next generation of media. Carlos and his team are focused on the way people communicate with their favorite programs using social media. Ozy is the place where readers get a little smarter, a little sooner.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like OZY

Ozy is building the iconic media brand for the Change Generation by producing future-oriented content, and on unconventional and undiscovered trends rather than stale news stories that are covered by other existing news outlets.


Ozy’s management team has extensive experience in the media space and a proven track record of breaking major news stories. The management team is also highly respected on a global basis which, in turn, allows them access to some of the world’s most influential thinkers.


Ozy intends to offer two main ways for users to follow the news as it happens. First, they will assemble “The Presidential Daily Brief,” a catalog of that day’s most paramount stories, presented in a clear and concise manner. This allows users to be, “in the know” on events occurring both locally and around the globe. In addition, Ozy will create several other daily sections focused on tomorrow’s leaders and breaking stories. Ozy will be accessible across all media, primarily focusing on the tablet and smartphone space.


Ozy has the potential to redefine the way users access and interact with media by innovating the current business model in existence. By targeting the Change Generation (20-40 somethings that are diverse, edgy, and ambitious) Ozy can capitalize on the unique way these individuals read and access information. This demographic, with approximately 40MM people in the U.S., and 400MM people around the world, represents a $10 billion advertising market. Furthermore, this demographic actively pays for subscriptions, accounting for an $8 billion dollar annual spend.


Knowledge; Globalization; Brands; Convergence; Internet; Network Effects; Free

How Big Can This Be?

Ozy’s strong management team has the potential to emerge as a leading content brand, allowing them to develop into the go-to news destination for the Change Generation.


The track record of Ozy’s management team speaks for itself when it comes to developing engaging content for consumers. Their business model will also allow for a variety of ways to monetize the business, namely through advertising, subscriptions, events, content syndication, recommendations, and classified postings.


The media industry continues to be a very competitive space, in which market leaders have control over their medium. Ozy will need to have a disruptive product in order to gain significant traction.

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GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley