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$35.2 million NAV|16.8% of GSVC



Capital Raised

$30 million


GSV Capital along with Summit Partners.

GSV Investment Theme

  • Cloud/Big Data
  • Marketplaces
  • Sustainability
  • Education


JAMF develops and sells IT management software for enterprises and educational institutions with large Apple product deployments (iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, etc.). JAMF’s product, known as the Casper product suite, allows IT administrators to deploy, provision and distribute applications, configure and remotely control devices, update software across devices, enhance security and allow for disk encryption.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like JAMF Software

As Apple products have become more prominent in the business and educational environments, JAMF is well-positioned to become the go-to platform for IT administrators operating in the space.


JAMF was founded by Chip Pearson and Zach Halmstadand a management team with extensive experience in the Apple IT support space. Led by CEO Dean Hager, JAMF has built a capable team of over 400 employees that has emerged as a leading provider of IT solutions for enterprise-level clients with 50 or more Apple devices.


As the first-mover in the Apple IT management market, JAMF’s Casper suite of products represents the largest pure play within the space. With high customer retention rates and a sticky product, JAMF has built the compelling Apple device solution for corporate IT administrators. Other solutions not specifically created for Apple products do not address security management complexities, configuration issues across multiple iOS devices, and a myriad of other Apple-specific challenges, giving JAMF a head start over competitors.


Today, JAMF manages millions of Apple devices. With the growth in the Apple enterprise business division, JAMF is well-positioned to capitalize on the ever growing, $28 billion total addressable market. With partnerships across the Fortune 500, JAMF’s management team has solidified their leadership position and established a loyal following.


  • Brands
  • Convergence
  • Internet
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Network Effects
  • Outsourcing

How Big Can This Be?

Apple’s Enterprise Business maintained a strong compound annual growth rate. Even if growth in Apple’s Enterprise Business undergoes a meaningful decline, JAMF can continue to expand their market share.


JAMF’s Casper product suite has established recurring revenues with strong customer satisfaction levels. JAMF is also well-positioned to exploit the tailwinds surrounding the Apple franchise.


As a company that remains reliant on the Apple brand, JAMF’s success is inherently tied Apple’s ongoing success. The company also faces execution risk in scaling their enterprise and challenges surrounding the rapidly changing Apple product offering.

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