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The Fullbridge Program is a “finishing school for business”—introducing participants to the language of business in a global context.  The four-week Fullbridge Program prepares undergraduate and recently graduated university students with the real-world skills that will allow them to achieve exceptional impact in the business world on their first day of employment. Fulllbridge has also developed programs for companies, professional firms and government groups. Fullbridge has assembled top instructors from elite institutions as well as senior business leaders and experts to lead students through a personalized coaching experience that delivers real-world insight and guidance.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like Fullbridge

We truly live in a Knowledge Economy—one in which all levels of the next generation of workers need to work as productively as possible in a rapidly changing landscape.  Top colleges are not preparing students to enter the workplace with skills that 21st century employers are demanding.  The Fullbridge Program is meeting this huge unmet demand by delivering world-class curriculum, teachers, and student experience.


Fullbridge has assembled an strong leadership team, led by Roger Berry.


Fullbridge offers a four-week program that encompasses over 160 hours of rigorous instruction and practice in a “boot camp” setting.  Participants works with senior business leaders and world-class instructors, as well as with counterparts across geographies and time zones.  The Program fosters critical business skills, including business and financial analysis, oral and written communication, project and time management, and creative problem-solving.  Sophisticated analytics are used to monitor and guide students’ progress through the Program.


Fullbridge is addressing a very large unmet need in the marketplace—effectively filling a “white space” between universities (representing $63 billion of annual spending in the for-profit space) and training platforms ($78 billion annually).  This “space between college and work” is highly fragmented today, with no single player accounting for any meaningful market share.  In addition, we believe there is tremendous demand for the Fullbridge Program in the Middle East/North Africa region, as well as in countries such as Brazil, India, and China.


Knowledge Economy




How Big Can This Be?

We believe Fullbridge can be a global brand in the preparatory business education market.  Aligned with elite universities, top education brands, and global distribution partners, it has the potential to quickly scale and build a formidable, prestigious global alumni base.  Its accomplished leaders are well positioned to build Fullbridge into a powerful global brand.


While Fullbridge is still in the “early days” of its business model, we like several key aspects of its model that drive predictability.  By utilizing asynchronous learning modalities, Fullbridge can create a highly scalable and global delivery model.  In addition, by partnering with key institutions, Fullbridge can drive a highly efficient “top-down distribution” model.  In addition, as the Program matures and the brand grows in stature, we believe that Fullbridge’s alumni network can provide a powerful recruiting tool for institutions, instructors, and students.


While feedback on the Fullbridge has been very strong to-date, Fullbridge is still in an early stage of product validation and needs to continue to create case studies of student and institutional success.  Fullbridge will also likely require additional capital to fund expansion, in particular to international geographies.

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