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$9.7 million FMV|4.5% of GSVC



Capital Raised

$80 million


GSV Capital along with Andreessen Horowitz, Highland Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Oak Investment Partners.

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Enjoy is reinventing the way people buy the world’s best technology products. With every purchase, an Enjoy Expert hand delivers the product in as fast as four hours. Enjoy can meet customers at their home, office, or coffee shop. Upon delivery, the Expert spends an hour turning the consumer into an expert. Experts set up a product, sync it, and show customers how to maximize the benefit of using these new products.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like Enjoy

Enjoy has the opportunity to transform the way people buy and experience any new consumer electronics product. It brings a new level of convenience and human touch to the commerce experience.


Enjoy was founded by legendary retail executive Ron Johnson and creative brand visionary Tom Suiter. Prior to Enjoy, Ron served as CEO of JC Penney. From 2000 to 2012, Ron was on the Executive Committee at Apple and led Apple Retail. Tom has been working to define industry-leading brands since working on the original Macintosh in 1984. He has worked with companies including GE, Hyatt, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Nike, Apple, Pixar, United Airlines and many more.


Enjoy is focused on delivering the best customer experience through its Enjoy Expert visits. Enjoy connects product companies looking for a new avenue to reach customers with consumers who are eager to learn and use the latest technology products. Enjoy Experts have already earned high reviews in its first markets in SF and NY and will need to continue to provide a superb customer experience to maintain its first rate product.


The consumer electronics market is a $200+ billion per year market in the U.S. alone.  Emerging technologies is a $11 billion per year market growing at over 100% per year. Enjoy can become the primary way for consumers to experience these new technologies. It can ultimately displace some of the traditional retail experience as consumers increasingly look for convenience and timely delivery of new products rather than a potential challenging and frustrating experience shopping for new technology.


Demographics; Mobile; Brands

How Big Can This Be?

Enjoy can become the primary way and the go-to brand and company for consumers to experience new consumer electronics technology and products.


While the white-glove service that Enjoy provide is free to the consumer, product supplier pays Enjoy for each product delivered. Enjoy has developed an impressive list of product partners including marquee brands such as AT&T, Sonos, DJI, GoPro, HP, Xbox, Microsoft and more. As the pace of new products being introduced continues to increase, both the companies and consumers will prefer a service such as Enjoy to introduce these products directly to consumers.


Enjoy is creating a new customer experience and has to spend resources to introduce the concept and educate the market. Enjoy competes with traditional retail stores as well as many new entrants in the direct-to-consumer delivery market. Enjoy is focusing on providing a high value, high touch products while most of the other delivery companies are providing more commoditized products.

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GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley