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GSV Capital is the first publicly traded security giving growth equity investors access to the world's most dynamic, VC-backed private companies.

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EarlyShares is an online financial platform that gives accredited investors direct access to private investment opportunities, primarily in commercial real estate. The company uses new regulations and proprietary technology to make capital raising and investing more accessible, transparent and data driven while meaningfully reducing transaction costs.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like EarlyShares

For decades, commercial real estate finance has been an insiders game – a “country club” sector accessible only for in-the-know investors with well-connected networks. EarlyShares is changing that. Under regulatory exemptions enacted in 2013, the company is introducing thousands of investors to the kinds of real estate opportunities that have traditionally been difficult and expensive to access.


As one of the first players in the “equity crowdfunding” space, EarlyShares is a leading force in private investing with a compliance-driven approach. Its executive team has nearly $3 billion in commercial real estate transaction experience.


EarlyShares is the only platform that offers services and monetizes activities for players at every level of interaction, ranging from transaction postings to full service capital raising and asset management services through its state-registered investment adviser. Every transaction on EarlyShares has been subjected to rigorous screening and compliance checks.


Commercial real estate transactions are typically plagued by inefficiency, high costs, and a lack of transparency. Capital raising and investing in commercial real estate is moving online at a record pace, kicking off a generational shift in how business is done in the $11 trillion US commercial real estate market. EarlyShares is aiming to capture a significant part of this shift.


Network Effects






How Big Can This Be?

EarlyShares has the opportunity to become the largest and most important hub for the online commercial real estate investment market.


EarlyShares has assembled valuable assets and developed a proprietary online commercial real estate ecosystem that secures its ability to lead the market transformation. EarlyShares works only with accredited real estate owners, operators, developers and lenders, all of whom share strong track records for deal quality and delivering financial returns.


EarlyShares is developing a new market in online commercial real estate investing as well as competing against a number of new entrants. It also must constantly deliver high quality investment opportunities to its network and maintain a high level of engagement with its investor, whose investment activities drive the business.

GSVC percentage figures are based upon the fair value of each holding as of the quarter ended December 31, 2016, or the cost basis of the holding (exclusive of transaction costs) if the investment closed subsequent to December 31, 2016. In either case, these values are divided by the fair value of total portfolio investments of GSV Capital as of December 31, 2016.

GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley
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