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Why We Like

$2.5 million NAV|1.3% of GSVC



Capital Raised

$47 million


GSV Capital along with Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, DAG Ventures, First Round, Foundation Capital and others.

GSV Investment Theme

  • Cloud/Big Data
  • Marketplaces
  • Sustainability
  • Education


DogVacay is an online marketplace connecting pet owners with pet care givers (or hosts) for boarding and daycare services. DogVacay is a more attractive solution in terms of price-to-quality compared to traditional pet hotels or kennels.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like DogVacay

DogVacay is disrupting traditional pet boarding and daycare services as it allows owners to find the right host easily and quickly. Its focus on accepting only high-quality hosts is a key driver for high customer satisfaction.


Founder and CEO Aaron Hirschhorn is a former Venture Capitalist and launched DogVacay together with his wife in 2012.


Pet owners can search and easily find the right caregiver for overnight or daycare needs. DogVacay’s platform accepts only high quality caregivers and keeps its quality control very high. This is reflected in its Net Promoter Score being an impressive 93, among the very top of its industry. The peer-to-peer rating system filters and promotes great hosts, allowing them to earn attractive income for their service.


DogVacay has the opportunity to disrupt traditional pet hotels and kennels, and to emerge as a leading brand in the $56 billion pet industry in the U.S.



Sharing Economy


How Big Can This Be?

The overall U.S. pet industry is $56 billion and growing at 5% annually. DogVacay has the potential to emerge as the leading brand in pet care services and to capture a significant portion of this $11 billion subindustry.


The rise in urbanization, pet ownership and spending, and travel are all fueling the demand for peer-to-peer pet care solutions. Pet spending in the U.S. is growing by 5% annually, and DogVacay is a leading online platform.


Not executing against the opportunity and failing to provide value to pet owners. Ensuring comfort to owners to leave their pets at “strangers.” Competitor Rover is another risk factor.

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GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley
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