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GSV Capital along with Catamount Ventures, EDBI, Founders Fund, Susa Ventures and others.

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Declara is an intelligent learning platform that combines social sharing, learning paths, personalized content discovery, feedback, and efficacy analytics to deliver learning results. The company provides its intelligent learning platform as a SaaS product, to consumers, governments, corporations, and universities around the world. Declara was founded in 2012 by experienced technology and education entrepreneurs and executives Ramona Pierson, Nelson Gonzalez and Debra Chrapaty.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like Declara

As the world moves towards the Knowledge Economy, no longer can people fill up their knowledge tank in college and drive off in life. An individual needs to constantly stay current with relevant knowledge and skill in their career and Declara is a knowledge platform that serves that major need. Declara is empowering workers around the world to learn essential knowledge and to work on innovating the next big thing.


Declara was founded by Ramona Pierson, Nelson Gonzalez, and Debra Chrapaty who bring a broad array of technology and company building experience. Ramona is an experienced entrepreneur who has also worked closely with education technology in school systems. Nelson brings a breadth of experience, primarily through a strategy lens. Debra has been a successful leader in large technology organizations including Microsoft and Zynga. Since founding, they have hired a team of seasoned executives from established leaders such as Microsoft, growth companies, and other technology startups.


Declara’s intelligent learning platform ingests large amounts of educational content from organizations and serves the content in a logical and personalized manner to learners within those organizations. Declara has created product features that make it efficient for learners to access the appropriate content and the necessary help and assistance. The platform allows learners to work at their own pace, talk with colleagues and mentors, search for relevant content, understand progress. The platform allows organizations to measure the efficacy of their educational content, assess results and perform analysis on learner activity.


Declara is primarily targeting the continuous learning industry. Around the world today, professionals and adults constantly need to stay current with the latest knowledge, innovations and technologies within their field. GSV iQ projects that the global corporate and government education markets to total over $500 billion by 2018. The Declara team projects that the eLearning portion to be over $100 billion globally. Declara has the opportunity to capture a meaningful portion of the professional online learning industry.


Globalization; Network Effects; Knowledge Economy; Brands; Internet; Demographics

How Big Can This Be?

Given the multiple Megatrends that Declara captures, it has the potential to become an industry leader in the intelligent and personalized learning space, helping organizations and individuals learn and consume content in a more personalized and effective way.


Declara has a SaaS business model based on contracts with its enterprise customers and a subscription model with its consumer customers. Declara is a unique platform in the market that has been adopted by customers with positive early feedback. The company’s predictability is based on a differentiated product that has high technological uniqueness and strong relationship and service to its customers. Today, many institutions lack adequate substitutes to Declara and use a hodgepodge of software and digital tools to train their employees. Declara combines the core learning features within one unified platform.


Declara is a relatively new product that may require additional time and training for organizations to test and deploy. Additionally, Declara competes with other existing smart learning systems, though its product is highly differentiated from legacy systems.

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