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Cricket Media is creating the next generation of technology-enabled education media companies, with products for families, educators, and companies. The Company has created a network of millions of students in almost 200 countries that use the ePals Global Community to connect to each other. Additionally, Cricket Media publishes some of the leading and most award-winning children’s media.  The company also enables teachers to buy and sell teaching resources online through an advanced e-commerce platform.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like Cricket Media

Social learning has gone global, and students and teachers will benefit from ubiquitous access to the best curriculum, materials and technology.  We expect that natively collaborative applications that use a global community of learners—such as the type Cricket Media has built—will enjoy extraordinary network effects.


Cricket Media has assembled an excellent team of thought leaders and proven executives in the education and media verticals.


The Company has created the world’s largest K-12 learning network through the ePals Global Community.  This community enables classrooms of all ages to collaborate on learning projects in safe, secure environments, featuring world-class educational resources from National Geographic, The Smithsonian, Cobblestone and Cricket.  The Company’s media portfolio includes 20 branded media products, with much of these media assets accessible on tablets and online. Cricket Media has won more awards than any other children’s publisher, including the coveted Parent’s Choice Award numerous times. 

Additionally, it has created Tools for School, which is an innovative marketplace for teachers to buy and sell peer-reviewed materials for their classrooms. Cricket has also launched In2Books, a program that combines mentors, technology and a strong curriculum to help students develop their reading, writing and thinking abilities.


Cricket Media has the potential to be the leading education media company in the world.  By connecting millions of learners across the global, the Company has not only created one of the largest K-12 learning communities, but has also created its own proprietary distribution channels for media, commerce and collaborative apps.  The team behind Cricket Media technology and media have “been there, done that”—and were part of AOL’s hyper-growth in the 1990s.  We believe this team has the ability to scale rapidly and profitably Cricket Media’s global business.


Knowledge Economy



Network Effects


How Big Can This Be?

Cricket Media has already created the largest K-12 learning community on the planet.  By combining this massive network of learners with proprietary media content and commerce, along with natively collaborative apps, Cricket Media can also be the most important learning company on the planet.


The Company should enjoy exceptional network effects based on the virtuous cycle of content, collaboration, and commerce that Cricket Media’s network enables.  Additionally, the Company’s media library is extensive, and can be distributed at very low marginal cost to Cricket Media’s growing network of learners.  Furthermore, the Company’s global partners, including Neupals (Neusoft) in China, create excellent local access, distribution, and technology know-how, all of which further strengthen Cricket Media’s network effects.


To date, Cricket Media has not generated cash flow, and will require significant additional capital for growth initiatives and working capital. Cricket Media trades on the TSX-V exchange, which has historically been subject to high volatility and lower trading volumes, both of which could materially affect Cricket Media’s stock price.

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