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Why We Like

$2.1 million NAV|0.97% of GSVC



Capital Raised

$4.5 million


GSV Capital along with Red Eagle Ventures and Penn Venture Partners

GSV Investment Theme

  • Cloud/Big Data
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  • Education


CorpU is one of the world’s leading authorities on the design, creation, and improvement of global learning organizations. Founded in 1997, CorpU has helped dozens of the world’s most important companies develop their internal learning organizations. Membership in the Corporate University Xchange provides access to leading-edge learning and leadership development materials, including best practice data and benchmarking.

Over 24,000 learning executives from 9,900 organizations are a part of CorpU today. CorpU also launched CorpU Academy with the aim of providing the best executive education online with world-class academic institutions, authors, and experts.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like CorpU

The efficient creation, development and management of effective learning organizations has never been more relevant. As organizations continue to expand globally, they are looking for platform-based knowledge solutions that are highly effective and cost-efficient.


CorpU is led by CEO Alan Todd and by Executive Chairman David Pottruck, who formerly served as CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation. 


CorpU focuses on three key areas for learning organizations: 1) Leadership Development, 2) Learning Operational Excellence, and 3) Social Learning. CorpU has also launched CorpU Academy, with the aim of providing the best executive education online with world-class academic institutions, authors, and experts—at approximately 25% of the cost of traditional executive education programs. CorpU has partnered with faculty, experts, and business schools including MIT, Harvard, and Wharton to develop blended learning curriculum and lead classes at CorpU Academy.


The global corporate learning market is approximately $134 billion, of which almost $19 billion is focused on leadership development. In addition, knowledge-based industries now account for 60% of the global economy (that figure is over 80% in the U.S.). Today, there exists a sizable gap between self-directed online learning programs and traditional executive education in terms of user experience, effectiveness, and—critically—cost. By addressing both quality and cost, we believe that CorpU can rapidly capture a sizable segment the leadership development market.


Knowledge Economy; Globalization; Internet; Brands; Network Effects

How Big Can This Be?

CorpU has the potential to be the learning community platform of choice for Fortune 1000 companies. The opportunity for international growth, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, is exceptional as well as knowledge-based jobs represent over half of the regional economy.


Since 1997, CorpU has established one of the premier brands in corporate learning and development. This installed user base provides strong visibility not only for the Company’s base business, but it also represents future customers for CorpU Academy as well. We also believe that the demand for the CorpU Academy project will be very strong, and furthermore, leverages a top-down distribution model through large global organizations.


The market for executive education remains highly competitive—and fragmented. CorpU competes against world-class companies with long histories of operation and significant balance sheets. Corporate learning budgets are also subject to economic pressures and may be considered discretionary during periods of economic downturn.

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GSV stands forGlobal Silicon Valley
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