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Why We Like

$8.9 million NAV|4% of GSVC



Capital Raised

$191 million


GSV Capital along with Kleiner Perkins, DAG Ventures, Technology Partners, and others.

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Beamreach Solar is developing high-efficiency, low-cost, light-weight, easy-to-install solar modules for photovoltaic electricity generation. Beamreach’s innovative manufacturing process and product design minimizes the use of expensive and heavy materials while providing industry-leading performance. A combination of design and technology innovations allows Beamreach to manufacture lighter-weight, higher-efficiency solar modules at substantially reduced costs, putting solar-based electricity on a growth path to becoming the most important energy generation source for the world.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like Beamreach Solar

Beamreach Solar has the potential to become the leading photovoltaic solar manufacturer in the “Solar 2.0” era, producing the most cost-efficient energy generation products in the world.


CEO Mark Kerstens previously led Beamreach’s sales, marketing and finance departments. Prior to Beamreach, he led the sales team at BP Solar. Founder and CTO Mehrdad Moslehi has an extensive science and engineering background and holds over 220 issued patents. They are supported by a seasoned team of executives with strong track record in solar, clean energy, advanced materials and other highly technical product companies. In addition, SunPower and GAF plays a key role as a strategic investor in Solexel.


Beamreach Solar is developing and producing silicon-based PV modules that achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest cost in the industry, with significant improvements in weight, shade management, and install time. Beamreach plans to ship some of the highest efficiency solutions at the lowest cost per watt. Beamreach uses a disruptive, IP-protected, high-efficiency technology to ship modules with meaningful power improvement, lower weight, more integrated mounting and faster install time, and superior shade management.


From a promising technology in the 1970s to an emerging industry less than a decade ago, the solar energy market has grown to approximately $75 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow to $137 billion by 2020 (Frost & Sullivan). Beamreach has disintermediated the key structural roadblocks to broad solar adoption by enabling an industry-leading levelized cost of electricity through lowest cost and highest efficiency.


Sustainability; Convergence; Demographics; Globalization

How Big Can This Be?

If Beamreach succeeds in bringing a solar module to market at well below grid electricity prices, we believe that Beamreach could be one of the largest and most important energy companies in the world.


Beamreach has proven its core technology at pilot scale and is prepared to produce at scale in 2016. The Company has a manufacturing process that is protected by patents and proprietary tools. Beamreach has also demonstrated very strong customer demand—some of the largest top-tier strategic customers have already signed Master Services Agreements with Beamreach.


Beamreach needs to execute on the delivery of solar modules and scaling up of manufacturing. Beamreach operates in a competitive industry in which technological change and disruption can happen quickly.

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