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GSV Capital along with Jump Capital, Kanye Partners and Prime Ventures

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4C Insights offers an SaaS-delivered social media analytics and engagement platform that resides on the back end of consumer-branded home pages. Through its proprietary software, the company can provide a rich social media data analytics set to the brand in order to improve yield management, including advertising ROI, targeting certain types of social users/demographics, increasing product awareness, optimizing product or page views, and driving campaigns to increase customer lifetime value.

4C Insights one of the only social media analytics company that can inform a brand what a social media user is worth to that brand (true ROI) and drive engagement with that brand based on what type of user is visiting a site. Through the acquisition and integration of Teletrax, 4C Insights is also the only product to combine data from TV advertisements into its analytics product.

Why We Like It: The Four Ps

Why We Like 4C

As the world is increasingly moving towards using social media as a platform for customer awareness and engagement, measurable ROI within social media advertising will become exceptionally important for consumer brands. 4C Insights is the only company today that can not only measure this ROI in specific dollar terms, but can also increase ROI through its suite of engagement tools.


All four founders of 4C Insights were also involved in the founding and rapid growth of Resolution Media, a Chicago-based digital marketing firm that was sold to Omnicom in 2005.


4C Insights products are categorized under two sections, activation and analytics.

The analytics tools include:

1) Advertising Analytics, in which users can view and analyze social media engagement and TV ad occurrence performance, audience viewership and audience behavior;

2) Content Analytics, through which assets can be monitored by tracking real-time TV content.


Social marketing is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2014, a CAGR of 34% from today (Forrester Research, August 2011). Additionally, almost 8% of U.S. retail sales today are transacted via e-commerce, representing almost $14 billion (InternetRetailer.com, October 2011). Critically, this market is very under-penetrated; among Fortune 100 companies, two-thirds report that social media comprises less than 5% of their marketing spend today. Within three years, that figure is projected to climb to 10-20% (Booz/Buddy Media study, 2011).


Internet; Brands; Free

How Big Can This Be?

4C Insights could be the leader in social media analytics and engagement. Measurable ROI is the “holy grail” of advertising and brand engagement, and as the world moves to an increasingly social modality, 4C Insights should prove to be of critical importance to the world’s leading consumer brands.


The world is becoming increasingly social, and 4C Insights is strongly positioned to offer a unique value proposition to brands that use Facebook and Twitter for customer engagement. No other company can provide measurable ROI and such rich analytics in the social media space. Early traction with customers has proven the strength of this value proposition. By engaging potential customers in-part with a pay-for-performance model, 4C Insights has also created a selling model that makes it difficult for customers to “say no.” Additionally, the company enjoys a true network effects model with a platform that becomes “smarter” over time: the more data it can analyze for a brand, the more effective engagements that brand can achieve.


Rapid company growth implies the need to get the customer experience perfect. Additionally, there are bigger, better-funded, and more well-known competitors that may enter this space. Finally, given 4C Insights’s growth phase, the company needs to have an excellent grasp of the technological requirements attendant with this growth.

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