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GSV Capital is the first publicly traded security giving growth equity investors access to the world's most dynamic, VC-backed private companies.

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About GSVC


GSV Capital (NASDAQ: GSVC) is a publicly traded investment fund that seeks to identify and invest in rapidly growing, late stage, venture capital-backed private companies. GSVC is a unique public fund that gives growth equity investors access to private companies with huge potential. Peer into our portfolio and you’ll find market makers and risk takers, history makers and record breakers, life savers and game-changers. Once upon a time, investors could buy shares of young, exciting businesses through IPOs, but company leaders no longer see the benefits of going public early in their life cycle.

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Rooted in Research

There are plenty of brilliant companies out there, all over the world. In fact, our team’s analysis reveals over 2,000 VC-funded private companies worldwide with a market value of $100 million or greater.

THE PROBLEM: Fundamental structural shifts in the IPO market over the past couple decades have compelled these entrepreneurs to stay private longer, avoiding the complexities and scrutiny public companies face. Consequently, we’re seeing significantly fewer IPO opportunities. These days, bona fide stars wait eight, ten, twelve years or more before opting to going public—more than twice the typical time frame back before the bubble burst in 2000. Examples? Check out Palantir (founded in 1996), Dropbox (2007), and Spotify (2006)—the three largest positions in our portfolio, all with valuations in the many billions, all still private today.

OUR SOLUTION: GSV Capital’s strategy is to secure pre-IPO equity positions in privately held leaders, in specific sectors of the innovation economy, that have the ability to deliver open-ended growth potential. The fund’s primary focus is venture-backed companies that we project to be between 18 months and three years from an initial public offering another liquidity event.

GSV Capital enables investors to “get in early” on these emerging superstars—pre-IPO; before they’re ubiquitous household names and products; before their growth inevitably slows due to scale; before they get so big that compelling returns are difficult to attain or sustain.

Riding the Tailwinds

GSV’s investment philosophy draws on decades studying the intersection of megatrends across growth sectors to identify transformational businesses with disruptive and innovative technologies and services. It is our belief, based on our research and experience, that a disproportionate number of the big winners are found by focusing on themes where significant change and growth are taking place. The GSVC portfolio of 40-50 companies spans five key growth themes: Cloud + Big Data, Education Technology, Social/Mobile, Marketplaces, and Sustainability.

Additionally, we’ve found that companies embodying GSV’s “4Ps” Framework—People, Product, Potential, and Predictability—represent a disproportionate share of the most successful and promising businesses. Based on GSV’s estimates, at least half of GSVC’s Top 10 portfolio companies achieved revenue growth of 100% or greater in 2015.

Like the game-changing companies in our portfolio, we’re innovators at heart. So disrupting convention with creative problem-solving is in our DNA.

Brought to market as a single portfolio, GSVC is the first publicly traded security enabling virtually any investor—from large institutions, to sophisticated family offices and advisors, to ordinary individuals—to participate in the upside potential of these dynamic private businesses.

GSVC shareholders reap the benefits of our systematic and disciplined approach to identifying what we call “the Stars of Tomorrow”—as well as our strategic investing ecosystem (our “Constellation”) that leverages deep relationships with some of the world’s most respected entrepreneurs, institutions, and venture capitalists.

Led by GSV founder and CEO Michael Moe, widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on growth stocks, GSV Capital’s accomplished management and advisory teams offer investors proven methodologies, strategic vision, broad and deep relationships throughout the global growth economy, and experience identifying, advising, investing in, and accelerating the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in the world.

As it has been said, we literally wrote the book on growth investing…

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GSVC at a glanceData as of June 30, 2018

Portfolio Companies:


Total Value of Portfolio Invenstments*:





per share

Portfolio “Median Market Cap"*



Portfolio "Mean Market Cap"*:



Portfolio Investments B Round or Later:


Top 10 Investments:


of portfolio

Top 3 Positions:

Spotify — 18.2%
Palantir — 16.4%
Dropbox — 11.8%

Portfolio Growth Rate (2016):


* Based on estimated fair values of portfolio investments

** Average GSV Capital portfolio company year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth based on company reports and GSV Capital estimates

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